Privacy Policy

• Before Start

As Akdeniz Virtual Airlines, we value your privacy and the security of your data. We have prepared this Privacy Policy for your rights and purposes of data collection. This Privacy Policy prepared for Akdeniz Virtual Airlines( Website. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Website.

1 Data Collection

1.1 When you are register Akdeniz Career System, you provide to us your Name, Surname, profile picture, ip address, e-mail, your ivao ID and birth date etc.

1.2 When you are flying on Akdeniz Career System, we take your flight data from our Website.

1.2 After using "Still Didn't Get Your Flight Ticket?" page,we destroy your data. We do not save your data from this page.

2 Saving Data And Data Share

2.1 Akdeniz Kariyer Sisteminde üyeliğiniz boyunca verileriniz her zaman sunucularda saklanmaktadır.

2.2 After leave Akdeniz Career System, we will save your Name, Surname, IP Address, E-mail and IVAO ID for 2 years..

2.3 Data on Akdeniz Career only share with courts, government and IVAO Turkish Division(IVAO). (Sharing Data with IVAO: name, surname, ivao id ve flight records)

2.4 We never share your Website data with 3rd party websites and person.

2.5 After leave from Akdeniz Airlines, we keep your data for 5 years.

2.6 All pilots can see your name, surname, ivao id and flight on website.

3 Your Rights

3.1 You can request all your data in Akdeniz Career System via e-mail. This process is free at Akdeniz Career.

3.2 You can request delete or edit your data on Akdeniz Career System.

3.3 Our pilots can request training via Akdeniz Career System. Training provides all subjects.

4 Changes to Our Privacy Policy

4.1 We can change our privacy policy.If we make changes, you will be notified by e-mail.

5 Akdeniz Career Requirement And Time Out

5.1 Student Pilot, must be over 16 years old.

5.2 Student Pilot, must have FS2 rank(Flight Student) on IVAO.

5.3 Student Pilot, Communicate respectfully on the IVAO Network.

5.4 Student Pilots, must have their own IVAO account .

5.5 If the pilot, does not fly for 3 months, pilot will be kicked from Akdeniz Career System.

5.6 Student Pilot, has to known fly with at least one type of aircraft (Airbus or Boeing). (Refer to:3.3)

5.7 Student Pilot, has to fly on IVAO Network.

5.8 Application forms are accepting by the Membership Department. Membership Department can reject the application forms without giving any reason to applicant.

6 General Rules

6.1 Our Pilots must be kind when communication with our other pilots and IVAO pilots.

6.2 Our Pilots have to stay at their computers and they must follow their flights. (Refer to: IVAO 2.1.8)

6.3 Our pilots must use our callsign and our liveries while flying on Ivao Network.

6.4 Behaviours of our pilots must be kind and good.

7 Departments And Staffs

7.1 Staffs must provide the same service for all pilots.

7.2 Staffs must complete their tasks on time.

7.3 Departmants can not share your personal information with 3rd party company or someone.

7.4 If Staffs do not make their tasks and jobs, they will kick from Akdeniz Career.

7.5 Membership Department must search any type of informations for pilots.If they find any illegal information, they can add pilot to the blacklist.

Last Uptade 01/01/2021